Line Huddle: The Off-season Breakdown

Well, HELLO! It’s been a sec since I posted on here and I must say it feel SO good to be back. A lot has happened in the last few months and I figured before I got back into a regular posting pattern I’d post an update on what we’ve been doing!

Since you heard from me last, we…

  • Drove 18 hours home to Michigan from New Orleans
  • Went on two trips without our kids
  • Celebrated Charley’s 1st birthday
  • Zach resigned with the Saints for 2 years
  • Celebrated 4 years of marriage, Zach’s 28th birthday & my 26th
  • Bought a new house
  • Moved across the state of MI
  • Made ANOTHER 18 hour move back down to New Orleans

…and quite possibly the most important and exciting part was finding out we were expecting baby girl #3, Harper James Line!

I feel like we are just constantly on the go and it was definitely a whirlwind of an off-season. First things first, I have to say how important I think it is to try and get away with your spouse. We went on a week long vacation to Jamaica with some friends and it was AMAZING to be alone. Not that I don’t love my kids, but I don’t think I can be a great mom if my marriage isn’t on track. I put a lot of emphasis on keeping my husband #1. If you don’t have kids you might be thinking it sounds easy, but it’s absolutely not. There are so many moving parts of motherhood that try their hardest to push your marriage to the side. Anyway, that trip was important for us to reconnect. As we were leaving I told Zach in the airport that I think I wanted to get pregnant again and he was so happy because I had been saying I wanted to wait AT LEAST two years…five weeks later we found out I was pregnant. I guess he wanted to make sure I couldn’t change my mind, haha. I couldn’t believe when we found out it was another little princess! We just had her anatomy scan and so far it’s looking like another beautiful, healthy baby for our family. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that we will have THREE kids, nonetheless three daughters! I can’t wait for November to be here!

Another big part of these last few months was the fact that Zach became a free agent again. It’s always nerve wracking, but I was feeling better about this year in contrast to last year since he was healthy, coming off of a good season & not off of surgery. It was a couple of weeks into free agency that he resigned with the Saints, which was exactly where he wanted to be so we were over the moon! It was hard last year to play the waiting game and live with so much unknown. It makes me appreciate this year SO much more. You never know when the ride will be over, so it’s really important to make the most of every second and remember what a huge accomplishment/achievement it is.

Buying our new house was another big moment for us. We decided that it made absolutely no sense to live in Michigan if we were 3 hours away from Zach’s family. The only reason we moved there to begin with was because of them, so we decided to make the big move and I don’t think there could have been a better choice for our family. Not only is this new home the house of our dreams, but we are so close to his whole side of the family which makes my life much, much easier. Starting in April Zach has to go back and forth between Michigan and New Orleans and that puts a lot of pressure on me to take care of everything all on my own. Knowing that my in-laws are just down the road makes the world of a difference for me, and gives me so much peace of mind. Even though we miss the friends that we made in Holland and of course our gym, the east side is where we are meant to be.

There’s so much that I could recap but I just wanted to do a short little post highlighting some of the most important moments for us, plus I have posts that go into detail about a lot of them.

I’m writing this from New Orleans, where we just moved back to a couple of days ago because Zach had to report to camp. My heart is so full here, I really, truly love it and our cute townhouse/all the people we’ve met so far. I’m really excited to continue to post on here again & thankful for whoever decides to read and follow along on our adventures with us!





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